Happy Birthday Mitchmatch!

Today, March 27. Mitchmatch celebrates his birthday.

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Thank you very much!

Ken Lee – Bulgarian Idol

Mariah Carey – I Can’t Live ???

What was that language?
English =)) HhHAHHAHA

Ms. Janina San Miguel, Binibining Pilipinas World 2008

The Q&A Binibining Pilipinas 2008 Pageant

Wala na ba silang makuha na ibang qualified candidate?

What’s your ranking position?

I ranked number #31 on Google.com for the keyword seocontest2008.

And what about you?

You want to join the $1000 SEO contest? Nah! it’s too late… The contest will ended on the 1st of April 2008. Lol

That’s for Today!

March 3, 2008, Monday and a very busy day for me. I have to gather many potential link partners for link exchange. That’s my work and I’m not complaining about it, the truth is I really find it interesting on doing research. It’s really fun! You wanna try? Lol

I also blogged today, one for my mitchmatch | blog and Sikata Ahh!

Checking my Friendster’s profile and watching videos on youtube during my breaktime.

And that’s for today, will be tomorrow the same? we’ll find out! See yah! Goodbye. (*!*)

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