Summer 2008

Did you know what I did last summer?

Nothing! I can’t remember anymore! Lol

Whew! It’s getting hot in here…so hot in here.. So take off all your clothes…HAHA!

That song reminds me of something..(evil grin). Well, It’s summer once again…So guys, where are you heading this summer?

For myself, I’m looking for fun ways to cool down as summer temperature soars up. Maybe, I will be going out with my friends…to the beach! or maybe camping! Do you think it is fun? Yeah – Me too!

Actually, I have already list of places to visit. Number one in my list is the Apo Island – is a small volcanic island, and secondly, the “Island of FireSiquijor Island – it is considered as the mystical island, full of witches and other supernatural phenomena, BUT I’ve never seen one the last time I went there. The people are friendly and hospitable. So, if you have nothing in mind for your summer trip – try these places for your vacation and relaxation. My summer 2008 is going to be a lot of fun! yeah!!!

Summer means fun in the sun! So, how ’bout you, guys?

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