What is coffee can do for me?

What’s in a coffee that keeps me awake? – Is it the taste?

I don’t know and I don’t care anymore, what’s important is it helps me (somehow) to stay awake. You know, it’s troublesome to sleep during working hours, right? while your boss is sitting next to you, working hard…busy, and alive…and you started head-banging to your screen, moving the mouse while your eyes close and drooling..hope not! So, how to overcome this situation? – Coffee! Yeah, it works for me. The Great Taste – Trio 3-in-1 complete coffee mix am talking about.

stay with me, baby! lol

stay with me, baby! lol

I started to liking Great Trio coffee compare to the Nescafe’ 3-in-1, though Nescafe’ tastes better.  But who cares about the taste if it can’t help you? So, when my eyes started to fall, a cup of Great taste coffee will do to keep my eyes open once again.

So, what about you – what helps you awake?

Zatch Bell- Parco Folgore Song

I really love Anime. I love their facial expressions, voices and how they move. Simply amazing! HEHE! After 2 weeks of sleepless nights I finished watching “Zatch Bell” or “Konjiki No Gash Bell” in japeness. The story is about the ultimate battle of demons on earth to claim the title “Demon King”. There were 100 demon children sent to earth with a “spell book” that only a human partner can read. And once a “spell book” is burned that demon child will be sent back to the Demon World. So, only the strongest demon survives.

Okay, I will not discuss any further, I’ll just have a separate post for that. So for now, Let’s listen and watch to the Italian actor – Parco Folgore. He is the human partner of the demon child “Kanchume”.

Here’s his single album – Groping Breasts!

I really like this song. It so funny. EHHEHE =))

One Lazy Friday Afternoon

Friday, October 10, 2008. Time check: 2:50PM.

There’s no question, Friday is my favorite day since grade school. This is the day gives an ending to a tiring daily routine. It is true. When Friday comes, my spirit fired up to its maximum level but today it’s different. I feel like so tired, so bored and feel of going bed early but I can’t for two good reasons: First, invited to a birthday party which means fun, food and drinks are Free and secondly, meeting up with friends means also fun, food and drinks are not free but its okay, I’m sure still have a good time with them. And lastly (okay make it three), meeting her once again gives me a smile.

Oh, why is my monitor keeps on shutting down and up? Oh, I see just my eyes. I’m really sleepy, lazy but I have to finish my reports. I have to…I have to….zzzzZZZzzZ~ ! . .*9 &%6 )97$# ZZZzz…………………. Oh sorry, I have to wake up and finish my tasks.

Happy Friday Everyone!

ShopWiki: Your Online Shopping Guide

An online shopping guide.

With so many online shopping stores to choose from and there’s no doubt that you’ll be seeing tons upon tons of online stores, it can be hard to find the right shopping stores for you.

Here’s my tips on how to make your shopping online fast, easy and fun:

1. Searching products online. As much as possible make your search precise. If you are looking for a pair of shoes, it would be easier to find if you’ll add a brand or color of the shoes you are willing to buy.

2. Evaluate and Select the best store: Among the websites you have visited, it’s time for you to choose the best. And also, you may try to consider the offers and promos.

2. Beware of scams. If you have already find the product, don’t buy right away. It would be advisable to read the reviews or customers testimonials. Just to make sure that the shopping store really exist.

3. Read and Understand the Shipping guidelines. You should be able to figured out the shipping rate and shipping period.

To make sure that you’ll find the right place to shop online, I would like to recommend an online shopping guide, The ShopWiki Buying Guide.

ShopWiki is your online shopping guide. Browse through our online shopping directory to see list of products by categories that will help you decide, or you can also shop gifts by occasions either buying shoes for yourself, or jewelry for your mother’s birthday.

For an online shopper, this means they can find anything and everything for sale on the web at ShopWiki.com

Enjoy your shopping online!

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