Dual Diagnosis: Affordable Rehab of Philadelphia

Dual Diagnosis: Affordable Rehab of Philadelphia

Dual Diagnosis Philadelphia - Affordable Rehab PhiladelphiaAffordable Rehab of Philadelphia offers very best in Addiction help. We provide support and treatment for both drug and alcohol addiction.  At Affordable Rehab of Philadelphia, we have established that the greatest method of treating dual diagnosis is a combined method that combines treatment that caters both the mental health issue as well as the addiction.

After detoxing, professionals are better able to diagnosis the mental health issue and get the patient on the best course of treatment. Addiction treatment will also take place, helping the addict understand the underlying cause of his or her addiction and identifying strategies for avoiding relapse in the future.

Affordable Rehab of Philadelphia can be more broadly classified into the Social Assistance sector, defined as companies that provide a wide variety of social assistance services directly to their clients.

We will help you conquer your drug addiction. Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Drug Addiction Treatment, Dual Diagnosis Treatment. Call us today: 215-297-6514

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