Great Facts about the Friendster community

Did you know?

  • Friendster is bigger today than ever before – there are over 70 million registered members visiting us from over 75 countries globally!
  • Friendster is now the 8th largest website on the planet in terms of traffic, serving over 18 billion page views per month.
  • Friendster is a leading website in many Asian countries and is now the #1 most visited site in the Philippines and Indonesia and the #2 most visited site in Singapore and Malaysia according to Alexa
  • Friendster is growing rapidly in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan,Japan, Korea, and China (don’t forget to connect to your friends from these countries!)
  • Over 80 thousand people have joined Friendster in the last 24 hours


Friendster continues to add new features and build a global community for friends to connect, share and network with one another

Friendster has recently launched:

  • Apps on Friendster: Add Apps to your profile – music, photo slideshows, and more!
  • Multiple Languages: Users now have a choice of English, Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Spanish to navigate the site, enter content and use features.
  • Fan Profiles: Enable entities like bands, musicians, artists, models, non-profits, athletes, websites and venues to build a fan base.
  • Open Platform: Developers can now build and deploy widgets on top of the Friendster global social networking platform.
  • Classifieds: Lets users search and post listings for free and access locally targeted classifieds
  • Schools in over 10 NEW countries including: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, India, Malaysia, Norway, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom, and The United States

Are you part of the Friendster community?

The Magic of Lamps

Lighting brings the life into the interior of a house. Most of the time, lighting has been taken for granted since the common priority for interior design goes to furniture, paint color and alike. The magic of lighting and its effect has been mostly set aside considering it as irrelevant part of interior design.

Lamps and torchieres are good agent of lighting which adds drama, texture, beauty and color inside the house. There are many available trendy and upbeat designs of lamps in the market today that will soothe your lifestyle and house motif. Lamps can come in various shape and sizes, solving the dilemma between design and functionality. Nowadays, lamp shades, table lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps and torchieres are more than just lighting paraphernalia for they play a very vital role in the beautification of our houses. The evolution of lamps on its designs and uses has made millions of family live in a better home setting.

Lighting from lamps give your house an instant, unique and lovely glow. A sofa, painting, radiant designs, and all other interiors would mean nothing without the magical touch of perfect lightings that comes only from choosing the perfect lamp for your dream house.

Error DLL 32 on Yahoo! Messenger (8.1)

Friends are an instant away on Yahoo! Messenger (8.1), OwwwSss??

It was a week ago when I tried to install a newer version of Yahoo! Messenger (8.1). However, it gave me headache becuase it’s not working on my pc. I encountered an Error DLL 32, what does it means? – No idea.

A net lover like me can’t live without IM, specially YM! – yahoo messenger.  Since the new version didn’t work I looked for an alternative, rigth now I am using the Yahoo Webmessenger! Whew- I can’t view my friend’s web cam, can’t recieve files and can’t share pictures. How long am going to wait?

Hi guys, do you know how to fix this kind of error? Your advice is very much appreciated. Thanks, see you online. 🙂

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