Why Care About SEO?

What so important about SEO writing? If you try look at it, it’s just a some scribbling in the Internet with some words and cyber-jargon that are sometimes out of this world. If you know something a bit of this, it’s somehow like blogging—because the thought of it is writing in the Internet. But if you don’t know anything about this—other than just scribbling some words in the internet—then you wouldn’t really care about SEO writing.

Well, SEO or search engine optimization is a special kind of writing that requires knowledge and skill for better surfing and searching in the Internet. It’s not just scribbling some words and cyber-jargon. It’s more than blogging and if you think that this kind of writing is just scribbles, then these scribbles is vital.

Writer’s Note: This entry was taken somewhere else. I wasn’t able to acknowledge the author of this article.

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