Insanity FlyFF: Leveling Guide From Level 1-300

Here’s a quick and easy to follow guide on how to level-up faster from level 1 up to max level 300.

For beginners, I would suggest you create an Arcanist (Magician – Elementor) job class. This is the easiest and fastest job class to level-up because of the strong EOA (area of effect) attack skill; The area affected by an attack/spell/etc which affects more than one monster. And this job class also is the best for farming Penya and Red Chips. You can create a new character if you have already established a good amount of Penya for your next Character.

Insanity FlyFF quick Leveling Guide

1. Prepare your items and equipment: This includes your Exp potions, Weapons & Shield, Pets, and Buffs. For beginners you will be equipped with good armor +10 (helm, gaunt, suit and boots), you don’t need to replace. Just re-awake it and you are ready to go. And have some Regular Buffs (you can have the buffs from Buff Pang NPC) and Ringmaster, Seraph Buffs.

2. Level 1 to 15: You can start at the [Lvl 3] Mushpang, then go up to the [Lvl 13] Lawolf. Use all your stat points and put it under your STR. It doesn’t matter what job class your are going to select. Just use STR first, and you can re-stat that later. At Level 15 (exp 99.99%) you will select your first Job Class from Assist, Mercenary, Acrobat and Magician. The pop-up window will appear. You don’t need to take a Job Change Quest.

3. Level 15 to 30: You can level up at the [Lvl 19] Bang. Once you have reached level 30, go to the Forsaken Tower Manager.

4. Level 30 to 70: Go to the Forsaken Tower Manager, and Enter the Floor B1.

5. Level 70 to 90: Forsaken Tower Manager, and Enter the Floor B3.

6. Level 90 to Level 120: Forsaken Tower Manager, and Enter the Floor B5. Once you have reached level 120 (exp 99.99%) you will have a Title of a Master, and you will be re-leveled to Level 60-Master, and all your Stat Points will be re-set.

From here, you will go back to the Floor B1, and B3, B5 to reach Level 120-Hero.

Note: I will update this leveling guide later. You can also check this: Leveling Guide from Start to Finish.

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