Error DLL 32 on Yahoo! Messenger (8.1)

Friends are an instant away on Yahoo! Messenger (8.1), OwwwSss??

It was a week ago when I tried to install a newer version of Yahoo! Messenger (8.1). However, it gave me headache becuase it’s not working on my pc. I encountered an Error DLL 32, what does it means? – No idea.

A net lover like me can’t live without IM, specially YM! – yahoo messenger.  Since the new version didn’t work I looked for an alternative, rigth now I am using the Yahoo Webmessenger! Whew- I can’t view my friend’s web cam, can’t recieve files and can’t share pictures. How long am going to wait?

Hi guys, do you know how to fix this kind of error? Your advice is very much appreciated. Thanks, see you online. 🙂

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