Zatch Bell- Parco Folgore Song

I really love Anime. I love their facial expressions, voices and how they move. Simply amazing! HEHE! After 2 weeks of sleepless nights I finished watching “Zatch Bell” or “Konjiki No Gash Bell” in japeness. The story is about the ultimate battle of demons on earth to claim the title “Demon King”. There were 100 demon children sent to earth with a “spell book” that only a human partner can read. And once a “spell book” is burned that demon child will be sent back to the Demon World. So, only the strongest demon survives.

Okay, I will not discuss any further, I’ll just have a separate post for that. So for now, Let’s listen and watch to the Italian actor – Parco Folgore. He is the human partner of the demon child “Kanchume”.

Here’s his single album – Groping Breasts!

I really like this song. It so funny. EHHEHE =))

Ken Lee – Bulgarian Idol

Mariah Carey – I Can’t Live ???

What was that language?
English =)) HhHAHHAHA

Ms. Janina San Miguel, Binibining Pilipinas World 2008

The Q&A Binibining Pilipinas 2008 Pageant

Wala na ba silang makuha na ibang qualified candidate?

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