One Lazy Friday Afternoon

Friday, October 10, 2008. Time check: 2:50PM.

There’s no question, Friday is my favorite day since grade school. This is the day gives an ending to a tiring daily routine. It is true. When Friday comes, my spirit fired up to its maximum level but today it’s different. I feel like so tired, so bored and feel of going bed early but I can’t for two good reasons: First, invited to a birthday party which means fun, food and drinks are Free and secondly, meeting up with friends means also fun, food and drinks are not free but its okay, I’m sure still have a good time with them. And lastly (okay make it three), meeting her once again gives me a smile.

Oh, why is my monitor keeps on shutting down and up? Oh, I see just my eyes. I’m really sleepy, lazy but I have to finish my reports. I have to…I have to….zzzzZZZzzZ~ ! . .*9 &%6 )97$# ZZZzz…………………. Oh sorry, I have to wake up and finish my tasks.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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