Invisalign Vs Braces Cost: How Much Invisalign Cost?

Here’s the Invisalign Cost Estimate
Invisalign can be a good alternative to traditional metal braces. Know all about their cost estimate in this article.

invisalign treatment costMetal braces are the most common technique of teeth straightening all over the world. Those who have undergone this treatment sure must be familiar with the discomfort and pain associated with the treatment. However, with the advancement in orthodontic technology, a new alternative to metal braces has been introduced to people. This new technology is called invisalign and it works on the same principle of application of shear forces for repositioning teeth. Invisalign derives its name from the phrase ‘invisible aligner’, which incidentally is also the name of its manufacturing company. As the name suggests, these braces are completely invisible, thus there is no question of these braces marring your physical appearance.

Invisalign Braces are removable plastic braces. You can remove them while brushing, eating, etc. However, one must wear them for at least 22 hours a day. They are custom fitted for every patient. Your doctor will measure the position of your teeth and order braces as per your jaw size. However, the new braces won’t fit you right away as they are manufactured considering the new position of your teeth. The new position is determined using a computer program. The teeth are repositioned at regular intervals until they move to the desired position. Thus, every 2-3 weeks you will be required to wear new braces. The braces become loose when your teeth attain their new position.

When you compare invisalign vs. braces, you will come to know that invisalign has several advantages over traditional metal wire and bracket braces. They are also preferred widely by older teenagers and adults, who are wary of wearing metal braces. Another advantage of wearing invisalign braces is that they are not painful like metal braces and do not cause inflammation of gums. Besides, maintaining good oral hygiene is possible when you use invisalign braces as you can brush and floss properly.

Invisalign Cost Estimate

When it comes to the Cost of Invisalign and Braces, invisalign turns out to be a tad too expensive. However, in some states you may actually find out that invisalign cost and braces cost is more or less the same. There is too much variation in invisalign cost in every state. The cost primarily depends upon various factors such as qualification and expertise of the orthodontist, facilities offered at the clinic, the condition of your teeth, etc. Besides, your state of residence may also influence the cost to a great extent. An expensive state like California may force you to pay as high as $9000, whereas in a state like Nebraska, where the living cost is much lower, you can get away with paying as little as $3000. Thus, you can say that the cost of Invisalign Braces may range anywhere between $3000 – $9000.

Your dental insurance will most likely cover a part of this procedure. However, since it is a cosmetic procedure you won’t get full coverage for the same. Nonetheless, you can always avail the various payment plans operated through dentists which allow you to choose a payment option as per your convenience.

One must go through invisalign braces pros and cons before opting for this procedure. Not everyone can be a right candidate for this procedure. However, people with overbite problems, and crowded teeth can indeed benefit from this treatment option. The high cost may seem to be worthwhile owing to the brilliant results it promises.

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