What is coffee can do for me?

What’s in a coffee that keeps me awake? – Is it the taste?

I don’t know and I don’t care anymore, what’s important is it helps me (somehow) to stay awake. You know, it’s troublesome to sleep during working hours, right? while your boss is sitting next to you, working hard…busy, and alive…and you started head-banging to your screen, moving the mouse while your eyes close and drooling..hope not! So, how to overcome this situation? – Coffee! Yeah, it works for me. The Great Taste – Trio 3-in-1 complete coffee mix am talking about.

stay with me, baby! lol

stay with me, baby! lol

I started to liking Great Trio coffee compare to the Nescafe’ 3-in-1, though Nescafe’ tastes better.  But who cares about the taste if it can’t help you? So, when my eyes started to fall, a cup of Great taste coffee will do to keep my eyes open once again.

So, what about you – what helps you awake?


  1. Naku! gibayaran ka sa taga Great taste coffee ani no? ehehehe Sponsor???

  2. hahaha =)) yaw lang saba Rob… isa ka box daw na Great taste coffee ang bayad. hehehe

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